Celebrate 10 Years of Mayhem in the Meadow!


This summer Shaun, Timmy and the rest of the flock are celebrating 10 years of mayhem in the meadow!

It's been an epic 10 years on Mossy Bottom Farm - we'll be celebrating some best moments from the show, as well as releasing activities, games - and even some brand new clips!

Ask Your Questions to Shaun's TV Creator
Do you have a question about Shaun the Sheep that you've always wanted to ask? To celebrate Shaun's 10th anniversary you have the chance to ask Richard ‘Golly’ Starzak (the creator of Shaun's TV series) anything you like about the show. Post your questions in the comments below by August 6th and we'll pick the most ewe-nique ones to ask Golly in a video interview!

Shaun the Sheep Party Packs and Activities
Why not celebrate Shaun's 10th anniversary with a Shaun themed party? Check out the Create page for downloadable bunting and cupcake toppers to get you started - there is even an activity to make Shaun the Sheep headbands for all your guests and some colouring in sheets to keep them entertained.

Look out for more fun and games coming soon..

Posted by katie 9 months 4 weeks ago

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  • Booboo

    Happy anniversary Shaun!

    I love watching you

  • didibaat

    A big fat baaa to shaun and the gang for 10 baaarrriant years !!!

  • finn

    i wonder what might happen on this website,

    a party and new games,maybe?

  • Booboo

    Do we post questions to Golly on here?

  • tangles

    who is golly?

  • Mower mouth

    Where do you get the materials from to make the stop motion set of the farm and the house in the Mossy Bottom Farm  ?

  • Bitzer54

    Question for 'Golly'

    What is your favourite Shaun the Sheep episode?

  • Bitzer54

    Question to 'Golly'

    Will there be a Shaun the Sheep Series 6?

  • Bitzer54

    Question to 'Golly'

    Does the Farmer have a real name?

  • Pizzalover

    dear richard golly,

    have you ever wanted to be a farmer yourself?

    if so did that inspire you to create shaun the sheep? thank you


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