January's Art Yard Winners Announced!

It's time to announce the winners of our January Artyard challenge! The theme was New Year's Resolutions and you came up with some really creative ideas for what goals the flock might be setting for themselves in 2017!

We saw the flock getting fit in the gym, taking part in marathons and trying to resist cake! Well done to everyone who took part - here are the entries we've chosen to win a prize this month:

First prize goes to Tooba Ijaz for their hilarious scene of Shirley doing here best to stick to her resolution of getting fit with regular workouts at the gym - this artwork really made us smile!

Our runners up this time are:

Taikushree for 'Shaun in Olympics' - Shaun's determined to make it to the ultimate sporting competition by becoming an elite athlete while Shirley and Timmy take to the swimming pool.

Booboo for 'Shirley's Tough Resolution' - We loved this funny scene of poor Shirley trying her best not to be tempted by a delicious looking cake!

culryshirley for 'Want to Have More Fun This Year!' - What a great resolution! And we love this picture of the flock using Shirley as a trampoline to stick to their plan!

Yohan Mavely for 'Mumbai Marathon' - A vibrant picture of the flock taking on a marathon; what a great challenge!

Sorry if you didn't get picked this time but you might get lucky in this month's competition which has the theme of Valentine's Day on the Farm! Share you pictures, models, collages and animations of the flock celebrating the most romantic day of the year to win a cool selection of prizes. 


Posted by Luisa 1 year 2 months ago

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  • Booboo

    Thanks for making me one of the runners up

  • Taikushree

    Hey thanks ardman team for selecting me as a runner up!!!!! And congrats to all other winners too.....

  • Yohan Mavely

    Thanks for making me the runner up for the second time! Thank you Aasman team. As I and Taikushree are Indians, we are two participants and one nation

  • Yohan Mavely

    Congrats to other winners too!

  • angeltwins

    Congrats to all winners!!

  • super shaun1000

    great job

  • curlyshirley

    i never thought i would win!this is the first time i have ever won a contest! thanks aardman! does anyone else like my picture?

  • pumpernickelpie

     Congrats to all winners! All the winning pieces were very creative!

  • Farmer_Timmy

     That Art is Cool!

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