Thank you to everyone who took part and filled our gallery with lots of beautiful camping pics!

This months winners prize goes to…

Kuroi Maple for ‘Sheep Camp’ for their toasty rich toned picture of the flock having an Indian camping adventure. Really great piece, well done!

And our wonderful runner ups are;

Mermaid for ‘We Go Camping and Snorkelling’ – a fun packed and brightly coloured camping adventure by the sea.

AneelaWaseela for ‘Camping is Fun!’ – a carefully drawn digital piece of the flock tucking into some scrummy sausages!

Doogie Bee for ‘Toastin Marshmellows’ – a detailed digital drawing where the fire embers really made this picture come to life

Marynilsen for ‘Shaun tells Ghost Stories’ - a lovely pencil drawing with lots of natural tones and textures of the great outdoors.


Keep up the creativity everyone, there’s new prizes to be won!

Posted by ashleyc 10 months 3 weeks ago

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  • didibaat

    Well done to all of you they are all baaarilliant i love camping just like shaun !!!

  • Nutzy girl oogalooga baa baa

    I love those pictures!Well done

  • Booboo

    I entered but my art never came up. Why?

  • ashleyc Aardman Team

    Hello Booboo, We've not seen any entries from you for Junes competition. Perhaps you could enter it for Julys instead?

  • Booboo

    Also, Well done everyone!

  • Mermaid

    So very happy to win..it was my first time and I m delighted to win:)

  • Booboo

    Ok, Thanks Ashley. I just wondered. Mabye there was a problem with the uploader when I uploaded it?


  • AneelaWaseela

    How ever will I get my prize? Do you have my contact? well, I'm so happy to see that I'm the winner.

  • finn

    hey, i'm new to the website so could you show me around ?

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