March Art Yard Winners Announced!

Happy April! It's a new month and we've got a new competition for you to enter. But first it's time to announce the winners of the March Art Yard competition!

We had some fantastic entries on the theme 'Story Time with Shaun'. Some pictures took inspiration from classic of literature while other artworks showed Shaun and the flock losing themselves in a good book. We even had a fabulous short story submitted - thanks sheepheard abhay!

Thanks to everyone who entered. Here are our winners this time:

First prize goes to cooperstone1 for 'Shaun Defeats the Dragon' - looks like Shaun has let his imagination run wild while reading his favourite book! A lovely, colourful picture full of clever details.

Our runners up are:

curlyshirley for 'A Stroll in the Garden' - we loved this picture inspired by literary classic Pride and Prejudice. Doesn't Shaun look great as Mr Darcy?!

Pizzalover for 'Cool with Books' - a beautifully detailed picture of the flock enjoying their favourite pastime: reading!

Animal Containment for 'A Fulfilled Story' - this looks like the perfect setting for Shaun to enjoy a bit of relaxation with a good book!

yati.lie for 'Timmy's Story Time' - a gorgeous picture of Shaun's little pal Timmy snuggling up with his mummy for story time.

Not luck this time? Then why not enter our new competition, open now for entries! There are some great prizes up for grabs - we can't wait to see what you come up with! 

Posted by stsadmin 1 year 2 months ago

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