Shaun the Sheep Cafe Gets Permanent Home in Japan!

Ever fancied having lunch with Shaun and the Flock? Now you can at the new Shaun the Sheep café in Kichijoji Parco in Japan!

After the huge success of the pop up café that had over 30,000 visitors during its 4 month period, it was decided that the cafe needed a more permanent home. Launched on 5th October, the Shaun the Sheep Cafe is a fun-filled space offering diners the chance to take a trip with Shaun around the world as he samples different cusines!

British favourites (with a fun Japanese twist) are on the menu along with yummy cakes and ice creams, as well as specialities from countries including Italy, Sweden and India. 

The cafe will also serve up seasonal specials for events such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, plus visitors can browse some lovely merchandise to buy! Visit the website for more information.


Posted by Luisa 5 months 3 weeks ago

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  • didibaat

    Lets have one In the uk that would be soo cool !!!

  • DhillyDally

    That is super amazing!

  • Colette

     Shaun the Sheep is for adults too! 

    Great idea! I wish you all the best of success!

  • Colette

    Please don’t become like McDonalds  commercialism and big chains spoil things.!

  • Peaches

    I wanna go !!!

  • blazej2009

    Fajnie shaun że jesteś w japoni .

    co tam serwujesz?

  • blazej2009


  • AneelaWaseela

    What is used for Bitzer's nose in the picture?

    looks like a rock.

  • blazej2009

    ej 2 listopada mam urodziny

  • beatrice c

    So baa-some! If the cafe does good buisness maybe it will spread worldwide!

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